Monday, July 12, 2010

Nicole by OPI Matte Polish

As stated in my last post I was quite excited to get in on the matte polish craze when I saw that Wal-mart was carrying the Nicole by OPI Matte Polish. I picked this one up which is Razzle Dazzler. In the bottle it looked like a gorgeous dark gray with silver sparkles. When I got home I realized the tag on the top of the bottle and was surprised at what it said "Nicole by OPI Matte does not wear as long as original Nicole Nail Lacquer" so right away I thought "uh oh". It even goes on to say "do not use drying products top coat or lotion" I had heard that matte polishes don't last as long but to put a disclaimer attached to the bottle was surprising. I went ahead and applied it to my toenails and noticed right away the consistency. The closest thing I can think of is melted plastic. It dries so fast and can be streaky and uneven if you aren't careful. The silver sparkles looked like chunky glitter when it dried. I started noticing the consistency was getting thicker and looked at the bottle and all of the polish around the neck and down had already dried. I finished and then did my fingernails which was a big mistake. By the next day they were chipping everywhere and looked gross. For me, this was a big fail. I was so disappointed. The polish was $7 and I feel like that was a waste. I guess this is one bandwagon I won't be jumping on anytime soon. I guess I am just not into it as much as I thought I would be...........the look or the formulation of the polish. They both totally turned me off. Have you guys tried any matte polishes? What did you think?

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  1. umm really you didnt know they didnt wear well??lol everyone knows that!!!