Sunday, January 31, 2010

Puppet Master

Ok, so this picture is a little blurry because it was uploaded from my beloved Blackberry :) BUT regardless it is still an adorable picture!!! This is my little girl, Alta, which I'm sure you all have seen before. On Wednesdays I take her to a toddlers reading group at our local library and they have a puppet area which is her FAV!!! During story time she got up from the rug and ran behind there and began peeking over at me lol. She knew she wasn't suppose to but she was so cute I had to laugh and take a picture. Someday soon she will grow up and have plenty of reasons in life to be "serious" so, for now, I'll let her be the puppet master of her life and enjoy it as much as possible..........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years!!!

This post is a little late I suppose. This was taken new years eve. I was going out with some friends to a club here in my town and all I can say is so much for hair and make-up! The club was PACKED and it was soooo hot in there that after an hour or so I was sweating like CRAZY!!! Don't you hate that??? I didn't expect that so I had my usual heavy make-up on and a can of hairspray in my hair so when I started sweating I felt like I was melting! lol. I guess maybe that's a sign that I should go lighter on the accessories, huh? lol. Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful new years eve and that 2010 is just as good for you!!!