Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween night! This is a picture of my friends and I. We dressed up and had a get together last weekend because we all have kids so we'll be trick or treating tonight! But, its one time of the year you can be who you wanna be and dress how you wanna dress so go ahead, get a little crazy!!! I dressed as a referee, obviously. lol. I know nothing about sports but the outfit was cute! lol. Anyways, guys, hope you all have fun tonight and remember to be safe!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Blush!

Hello lovely ladies! I recently purchased the Benefit box blush in Coralista!!!! It is a be-u-ti-ful peachy pink blush and has a nice sheen to it without being overly shimmery; however, I found a dupe for it that I already in my collection!!! I will be doing a full review and comparison on my youtube channel so tune in to get the full scoop!!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Date Night and Outfit of the Day

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! My husband and I had a date night last night!!! We hardly ever get them having two kids, jobs, and so on so when we do get them its an amazing treat! We went to dinner then a little shopping then to see Couples Retreat. Anyways, on to my outfit for the evening........

I wore:
-A dress from Wet Seal that I picked up at their sale (going on NOW!) which is buy 1 clearance item, GET ONE FOR A PENNY!!!
-My shoes were from Target
-My necklace is a Betsey Johnson necklace

I ended up changing before the movie because I was FREEZING and my feet were killing me after shopping. lol. That's the price of beauty though, right? lol. Have a good weekend guys!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Barry M Haul!!!

So...........I received my very first Barry M haul in the mail the other day. It was love at first sight! This is why..........

This is the eyeshadow kit from Barry M with 9 lovely eyeshadows in it. The packaging is equally as great as the shadows inside. It is sooo cute, small enough for my purse, and has a magnet to keep it closed so no shadow spills occur in my bag :)

This is the NEW lip glosses from Barry M. This one is in #4 which I believe is Pastel Pink

This is a lip paint in #100 which is Baby Pink...........a much more wearable version of Saint Germain in my opinion but equally as gorgeous!

This is a lip paint in #129 which is Palest Lavender and I LOOOVE it!!!

This is the ever so famous lip paint #101 which is Marshmallow and there is definitely a reason its famous!!!
All in all, I am VERY impressed with the products I purchased and WILL be repurchasing soon!!! I heart you, Barry M!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Hair Here I Come!!

I am a southern girl, therefor I am obsessed with big hair...........think Dolly Parton. lol. Ok, so not THAT big of hair but you get the point. I have been wanting to try this product but with the $17 price tag I have passed it up over and over. I though "what could be so special about this product for $17???" And then I would think about all of the other Sexy Hair products that I own and love so I finally gave it a whirl when I found it at Ross for only $9.99 and let me tell was worth every cent!!! I WILL be repurchasing. It is so easy to use and unlike anything I have ever tried! It gave my hair so much volume and lift withOUT teasing!!!! I have also tried the hairspray which is another love of mine. I just wanted to share this with you guys and let you know that it truly does work!!!