Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey guys! Friday night I went out with a friend for a few drinks and I had planned on doing a video on my youtube channel but go figure, my video camera was dead so whats the next best thing? Pictures and a blog post of course! As always, I kept it quite simple and comfy but still tried to look cute and put together. Here's a list of what I wore:
A grey tanktop from Forever 21
A blazer, because it was snowing outside...yes snowing, which was from Maurices
The jeans were Silvers, also from Maurices
I added some black earrings from Claires
And my favorite part of the outfit? My shoes!
They are black velvet and absolutely adorable and most importantly comfy! They are dollhouse brand which I bought for $19.99 at Ross and the price tag makes them even better! lol. Well, that's about it! Hope you guys had a great weekend :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recent Haul Pics&Swatches

Let's start off with Creme d'nude, a lovely peachy nude with a Cremesheen formula so it has pretty good coverage on the lips but still remains to have a slight glossiness but no shimmer

This is Underage lipglass. I have been debating this one for quite sometime and finally decided I needed it for my nude lips coming on this fall. It is much peachier than I had originally thought but still very pale and pretty. It is, like most lipglasses, sticky but that is what gives that gorgeous shine and lasts long!

Now onto eyeshadows........This is Bronze eyeshadow which I wasn't sure I needed after having Mulch, but I am definitely glad I purchased it! It has a beautiful shine, not glitter, not shimmer, almost a metallic finish, I LOVE it! It is sooo pretty!

Next is Sketch. This is one of the most unique colors, sort of a blackened plum with a slight shimmer. Its so unique which I thought was going to be hard to work with but its not at all. I love it with Amber Lights on the lid and this is in the crease for everyday. This would also make a gorgeous smokey eye so I am excited to try that and will post when I do!

This is Purple Haze. Its a very smooth and soft matte shade which is hard to find. Its a beautiful lilac purple and exactly what I had hoped Vibrant Grape would be but Vibrant Grape is much more pink toned and slightly brighter. I think this shade is much more easy to work with and much more wearable. It goes with a lot more colors and can be worn so many different ways

That is it for now!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey guys!!! Sorry its been a while, things have been crazy and dealing with some personal stuff. We are moving in a week so things are really hectic right now, but onto the good stuff! I am definitely not afraid to admit that I am a self-tan addict. I LOVE being tan but I refuse to hit the tanning bed, it takes to long to drive there and back, I don't tan well, and skin cancer of course! Soooo I do the next best thing and self-tan. To be honest, the tanning products on the market now are much better than they use to be and I get a better tan at home than going to get a spray tan! I got one a few months ago and I ended up with dark and light blotches all over me and it began to fade and blotch really fast for around $30? No thanks! Anyways, I am always trying new tanning products, I guess I have a little tanning ADD. So far, my favorite has been Sun Labs but today I received this in the mail which I have been dying for! I have never heard a bad review on it and it was a bit pricey but I finally bit the bullet and bought it! I applied it today and I fell in love! I was using Sun Labs spray but since the weather is getting cold my skin is drying out so I needed a lotion which was the perfect reason to try this lol. It moisturizes sooo well! It feels like a dream going on and my husband keeps saying "you look sooo tan" and yes, that is after one day! What I love about this is that you put it on and it has instant color and your full tan develops within 3 hours! Some I have tried take a full 24 hours! So far, I am pretty impressed but I will update you guys as the days go on! What is your favorite tanning product?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maybelline Charcoal Smokes

So....... I know I am probably the last person to get this quad but my Wal-Mart hasn't had it in stock for sooo long and then I went to Target and the only one they had was broken :( I finally got my hands on one and I was, and still am, ecstatic! I have heard mixed reviews on these quads, some people say they aren't pigmented so I didn't expect much, hence only getting one, but the only shadow in here that isn't very pigmented is the lid color which is on my pinky. I had to swipe it several times to get that color, but its a really pretty taupe color which I have wore on its own. You can build it up to a quite nice taupe with a good primer and some patience :) The others, as you can see, are quite pigmented. These are not the softest shadows so maybe that's why people are disappointed but for me, its not a big deal. This quad was $4.94 at wal-mart so really you can't beat that! It was a pretty good deal in my opinion and makes an amazing smokey eye. The silver color is a hi-light but in my opinion using that as a hi-light takes away from the smokey eye look and starts to go overboard a bit, but none the less it is a pretty color that you could replace with the lid color even for a silver smokey eye instead of a more taupe colored one. I will be taking this quad with me on my vacation this weekend so I can do a variety of looks and not have to pack my whole eyeshadow drawer lol. I will also be picking up a few more of these and you guys should too! lol. Have you tried these? Which is your fav???