Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovin These!!!

Hey guys!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!!! My husband left today for California so its just me and the kids for a few days :( Wish we could of gone with him, I've never been to Cali before! Anyways, on to the post.........I have been in LOVE with Kiss Everlasting nails! When they first launched I was quite skeptical as I am a slave to the salon BUT I gave them a chance and I fell in love. They did just what they claimed and stayed on for 7 days and still looked fabulous! The other day I decided I wanted to spice it up a bit from the usual french manicure when I saw these bad boys! These are the limited edition Neon collection nails. And to my surprise these came with 2 sets of nails! These are the neon pink nails and the set also came with neon pink french tips! After these I will be applying the neon pink tips and I will most definitely post those but back to these! They do not seem as sturdy as the french manicure. On the french nails the white tips are very sturdy and seem to be a lot thicker. These are a lot easier to bend which stinks b/c I feel like I have to be careful with them unlike the french manicure. One plus is that they are made neon pink so there is no paint to chip or wear off. I have had these on for 4 days so far and they seem to be holding up pretty well and they look fab, I just wish they were a little more sturdy but for the price you can't complain! If you get a chance to check these out, do b/c they are so fun for summer!!!


  1. Hi Sammie
    I love the color, they look great for the summer! I love watching your you tube videos and I just added your blog to my list I follow :) I hope you have a good move (I just saw that on one of your latest videos).
    Take care :)

  2. Thank you Tabby! Let me know if you have any requests for posts or videos! :)