Thursday, June 3, 2010

NYX India

I finally got NYX India Lipstick! I saw this on the Bombshellsuite's youtube channel and it looked gorgeous!!! I started researching it and it looked like a gorgeous bright peachy/melon color. I finally decided to purchase it from ebay and I finally got it today! I was ecstatic when I saw the package in the mailbox. I opened it and was astounded by the color, it was beautiful. I ran to the bathroom to apply it and was a little disappointed. I have this same problem with the NYX round lipsticks as I do this one, the formulation. They have the most beautiful colors but the formulation just plain sucks. I had hoped the black label lipsticks (being 3x's the price) would be better, but no such luck. When I apply it I end up with very streaky lips and it slides everywhere. I am going to try and work with this and find a way to wear it b/c the color is so unique and beautiful. I should also mentioned that I had previously considered purchasing Lorac Babydoll until I saw this and after reading so many reviews I had decided they were very similar so I saved myself some money and purchased India, however I am wondering if the consistency of the Lorac Babydoll might have been better. I will see if I can figure out for it not to look so streaky and PLZ let me know if you guys have any ideas! :)

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