Thursday, June 10, 2010

MAC To The Beach

MAC "To The Beach" Collection
Lazy Day Lipstick

Hello lovelies! I recently purchased a couple of things from the "To The Beach" collection and I wanted to share them with you! I know this is kind of "old news" now but when I order online it takes a week or more to get here :( Anyways, onto what I bought! I had originally planned on not buying any lipsticks but after seeing so many swatches of Lazy Day lipstick and the packaging, I couldn't resist! I love light pink lips and I have never been a fan of MAC's lustre lipsticks until I purchased Viva Glam Gaga and Cyndi. Now to the color, its not as bubblegum pink as it shows up in the picture above but it is much more muted and sort of a mauvey light pink. Very natural and easy to pull off. Does anyone have Hue lipstick, is this similar?

Get Away Bronze Blush

Now for the blush! I tend to stray away from strong blushes. I have a let of redness on my face and I feel like most blushes bring that out more so I try to stick with neutral colors. When I saw this I had to have it, a bronze blush, perfect and unlike anything I have! I have a really hard time with bronzers being too red or too orange for my skin and some oxodize and turn colors so I am very picky and I was nervous about this for that reason! This is a nice rosy bronze. I have used it as an all over bronzer but its a bit too rosy so I do like this as a blush. It works better when I have a tan, obviously, but none the less its a nice color for summer. Overall I am very pleased with my purchases. I tried to contain myself and buy only what I KNEW I would use. I wanted Splashing lipgloss but I never use gloss so I passed on that and the other item I was eyeing was Life's a Breeze lip pencil and I may order that sometime soon, I think it would be a perfect match to the Lazy Day lipstick.

What did you guys get from the collection?

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