Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey guys! I just wanted to do a little post and let you all know, I am still around! lol. I have neglected blogging lately and I am very sorry. Things have been crazy! My husband has been working crazy and long hours which leaves me with both kids and no time to sit down and relax and write a blog without having to stop a million times lol. Also, a week ago my little girl had her tonsils removed and then just a few days later my husband got sent off to a job 3 hours away and hasn't been home since. Hopefully he will be back tomorrow but it has been a long and exhausting couple of weeks. Anyways, enough excuses lol. I will be doing a haul soon on my youtube channel so be sure to check that out...........as soon as I get time! lol. I just wanted to say thanks everyone for sticking with me and I will get back on track, just sometimes life takes over lol. Love you guys!!!

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