Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall is here!

Hey guys! So today it officially felt like fall and it was heavenly!!! I absolutely love fall weather so I was excited to pull out my sweater and boots although everything I had was from last year, but its ok :) I wore a purple sweater (purple and plums are so in this season so I wasn't TOO out of style lol) that I got from Target on clearance at the beginning of spring, Big Star jeans, and Ugg boots. The jeans I got at a yard sale for............are you ready.............$1!!!!! The boots I got a good deal on at only $65 and I have wore them OUT! Just thought I'd share this quick little post with you guys as I was excited that I got to wear fall clothes today lol. Next weekend we are going out of town shopping so I will be getting some fall items and hitting up TJ Maxx of course! I can't wait! What are some trendy items you guys are purchasing for this fall?


  1. OMG $1 ??!!!! I love a good deal! I have been hitting Target's clearance section and omg, I have purchased super cute dresses, denim skits, shorts, rompers for $5 or less! so happy! I have to go to TJ Max too!!!

  2. I LOVE Target clearance!!! I buy so much stuff there and last week they had printable coupons on their website for clothes!! Clothes, can you believe that?! LOL. I am a bargain junky for sure LOL.