Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey guys!!! Sorry its been a while, things have been crazy and dealing with some personal stuff. We are moving in a week so things are really hectic right now, but onto the good stuff! I am definitely not afraid to admit that I am a self-tan addict. I LOVE being tan but I refuse to hit the tanning bed, it takes to long to drive there and back, I don't tan well, and skin cancer of course! Soooo I do the next best thing and self-tan. To be honest, the tanning products on the market now are much better than they use to be and I get a better tan at home than going to get a spray tan! I got one a few months ago and I ended up with dark and light blotches all over me and it began to fade and blotch really fast for around $30? No thanks! Anyways, I am always trying new tanning products, I guess I have a little tanning ADD. So far, my favorite has been Sun Labs but today I received this in the mail which I have been dying for! I have never heard a bad review on it and it was a bit pricey but I finally bit the bullet and bought it! I applied it today and I fell in love! I was using Sun Labs spray but since the weather is getting cold my skin is drying out so I needed a lotion which was the perfect reason to try this lol. It moisturizes sooo well! It feels like a dream going on and my husband keeps saying "you look sooo tan" and yes, that is after one day! What I love about this is that you put it on and it has instant color and your full tan develops within 3 hours! Some I have tried take a full 24 hours! So far, I am pretty impressed but I will update you guys as the days go on! What is your favorite tanning product?

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