Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hair Straightening Dilemma!!!

Ok, ladies..........I am in desperate need of a hair straightener. I am avoiding the $200 GHD I want, at the moment. I am looking for a much cheaper, nice straightener that will work on this mop I call hair! What is you guys' favorite???

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  1. Well the cheapest expensive one that works great is a Chi. You can get it for $110.00 at Kmart or idk for how much online. Try
    If you want a really good cheaper straightener, look for the red Conair straightener with pins, it usually costs around $50.00.
    I have used Revlon straighteners, they dry wet hair quickly, but if your hand turns against the hair even if for a millisecond, it leaves a crease.
    I have used Conair mostly. I will get a new one every year or so because I have very long hair that needs to be tamed a lot lol.
    The ones that do the best at getting pin straight hair are the ones with combs or pins.
    Hope you find a good straightener! :)