Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Barry M Haul!!!

So...........I received my very first Barry M haul in the mail the other day. It was love at first sight! This is why..........

This is the eyeshadow kit from Barry M with 9 lovely eyeshadows in it. The packaging is equally as great as the shadows inside. It is sooo cute, small enough for my purse, and has a magnet to keep it closed so no shadow spills occur in my bag :)

This is the NEW lip glosses from Barry M. This one is in #4 which I believe is Pastel Pink

This is a lip paint in #100 which is Baby Pink...........a much more wearable version of Saint Germain in my opinion but equally as gorgeous!

This is a lip paint in #129 which is Palest Lavender and I LOOOVE it!!!

This is the ever so famous lip paint #101 which is Marshmallow and there is definitely a reason its famous!!!
All in all, I am VERY impressed with the products I purchased and WILL be repurchasing soon!!! I heart you, Barry M!!!!


  1. How's the eyeshadow quality? I was wondering whether it's as good as the Dazzle Dusts.

  2. @music-since this was my first Barry M haul I can't really compare the 2. I have only used 2 of the eyeshadows and they are nicely pigmented and I used too faced shadow insurance under them so they did fine. I'll probably do a review on them on my youtube account though so stay tuned! :)