Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Hair Here I Come!!

I am a southern girl, therefor I am obsessed with big hair...........think Dolly Parton. lol. Ok, so not THAT big of hair but you get the point. I have been wanting to try this product but with the $17 price tag I have passed it up over and over. I though "what could be so special about this product for $17???" And then I would think about all of the other Sexy Hair products that I own and love so I finally gave it a whirl when I found it at Ross for only $9.99 and let me tell was worth every cent!!! I WILL be repurchasing. It is so easy to use and unlike anything I have ever tried! It gave my hair so much volume and lift withOUT teasing!!!! I have also tried the hairspray which is another love of mine. I just wanted to share this with you guys and let you know that it truly does work!!!

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