Monday, June 1, 2009

My Newest Faves!!

Hey everbody! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I have missed making videos :( I have been busy lately with our new baby due to arrive in a week and a half :) Anyways, I have picked up some things in the last few weeks that I am loving so I wanted to share those with you :) Be sure to follow me as I will be updating with lots of new stuff in the next week!!!

Very Sexy Lip Liner in Ginger Spice-This is a very neutral lip liner that I am loving right now. It is very similar to Most Natural lip liner by Milani. Both are very neutral and go on very smoothly, great with neutral lipsticks!

Very Sexy Eyeshadow in Mystified-This is a beautiful shimmery light brown. When I'm in a hurry I just throw it on my lid for a little shimmer and color or I can use it as a hi-light on other days, very versatile and goes on very smooth with very little fallout :)

L'Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base-Total love! It is only about $9 at drugstores and completely worth it! It neutralizes the blue veins on my eyelid and definitely ensures a stay-put shadow throughout the day.

Solar Power SPF 20 Light Bronzer by Physician's Formula-I am definitely not a bronzer girl.......just never had much luck with them. I always felt like a shimmery, muddy mess! I decided to start yet ANOTHER search for a summer bronzer despite my usual fail. This one is great! I wanted a drugstore brand since I usually hate them. I did not want to spend a ton on one and hate it. This one is only about $9 at Wal-Mart and amazing! It gives a very natural glow and has very little shimmer, its barely noticeable which I love! There is also a darker version for those more tan and with sunscreen who can pass it up??? It has a darker and lighter shade in each compact so I use the darker one with an angle brush for great!!!

(pictured below)

Creme d'Nude Lipstick from MAC-This is a great lipstick for anyone scared of nude lips! It is nude but super wearable for anyone because of the lustre finish and you can give it different looks with lipgloss and liners. I would say its a must-have for everyone's makeup bag!

Myth Lipstick from MAC-Love the nude lips for summer!!! This one is a little more matte so its a little more bold of a nude then creme d'nude however, the overall color is very similar. I love this one with a liner and gloss for a super nude look.

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