Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine is.....Soft Ochre Paint Pot!!!

Well it is officially Valentine's Day and the thing I am adoring today is Soft Ochre paint pot by MAC. I have used it every single day. I have a lot of redness and blue colored veins on my eye lids and I usually have to put concealer on them to blank it all out.......THEN I have to apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance to keep that from creasing!!! Even on days when I don't wear eyeshadow I still do that to cover up the discoloration around my eye area but not anymore!!!! Now its one easy step.........I dab this on my lid and I have FULL coverage, no creasing, and shadows stick right to this stuff like velcro! Even after ALLL of this, today was the real winner! I wanted to wear a very pale lavender lipstick but the redness of my lips kept coming through and keeping the color of the lipstick from showing up as it should AND since its winter my lips are rubbish and dry so I thought I'll give my paint pot a try and WOW it was amazing!!! I have no idea if you are suppose to use these on your lips (probably not) but it worked! The paint pot dried but didn't dry out my lips at all!!! Usually I put concealer on my lips to blank them out but then it dulls down the lipstick b/c they mix together but since this dries it makes the lipstick much more vibrant. Not to mention that my lipstick stayed on for FOREVER! I was sooo impressed! I am sold on this stuff COMPLETELY! I can't imagine not having it in my collection now. It has totally simplified my makeup routine. Sorry for the ongoing ramble but I wanted to let you guys know about this amazing product. Its very seldom that I find a products that I will repuchase again and again and this is one that I will definitely buy a back-up of. Hope you guys have a lovely Valentine's Day :)

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